Saturday, February 19

I Know More Than You Do

I Know More Than You Do. So just shut up your fcking mouth!!!

I didn't know what was on her mind when talking with me about fashion, KPop style, and boybands. You know nothing but act like you know everything. I prefer to be silent when you start talking about those issues. I just wanna know how far your knowledge bout that. Even, you still keep talking when I am hearing songs used headset. I bet what you know even not a half of what I know.

I don't wanna be arrogant. You see that I prefer to be quiet when you are talking. I want you to know what my silence means. Because I'm afraid that when I'm talking, you can't understand every single word I say, you don't recognize people am discussing about, you don't know style I am interested in.

Today I bought magz about Big Bang, and a friend talked much.
'Can you just shut up!?' I wanna yell those words, but don't have heart to say it *sigh*

It's satnite. I'm gonna stay at home and take a rest after having rush hours.

Happy Satnite, fellas :)
Sorry for being angry here. Fyi, PMS time and girls' hobby is angry. Me too.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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