Thursday, February 17

Ichan's Finger Painting Day

Well, I guess I have ever promised to post about Ichan’s (my nephew) finger paint competition which was held last week *I think*. But postponed it because wi fi in hospital was error. So, just have time for today to upload the photos. And the photos will tell you more. I’m kinda lazy to tell much. Fyi, I edited some of the photos using an application named Polaroid.

Yes. He was crying because I will leave him.

The participants are not allowed to be accompanied while the competition.

He was painting. Looks so serious!

It’s his painting after revision.

That’s before the revision.

Ichan had to re-paint because his painting was covered by newspaper and it went bad

Which one do you prefer?

I have my favorite photo which was taken intuitively

It was when he was jumping! But looks like he was flying :D

That’s all. At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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