Thursday, February 17

Lately, I seldom give title in my post. Don't really care with it, because sometime I have no idea to give any titles.

Okay, to the point, I'm quiet mad with someone. He's my classmate. I sent him message about credit semester, how many he takes, how to take more, and ya he didn't respond well. Oh well, I decide not to stay in the same class next semester. I ask you because I thought you are smart enough and would take more credit, and moreover you ask anybody bout that. So, I guessed you take more.

Look, I didn't mean to show off about my marks. But I really haven't calculated it and still not ready to know my Gpa. Not because I don't wanna share. I still don't know vocab and dictation marks. I don't wanna expect, I don't wanna be disappointed or be arrogant with it. Seriously.

I don't know how to take more credit, but I do want to. I want to fasten my study. Due to my target, I should have graduated in next 4 years. I don't wanna be kinda lazy girl who too enjoys their college life just for boys or living away from their parents. I have target. Call me ambitious, but I just want to see my parents happy, proud and don't spend much more money for me.

I'm not a type of person who loves wasting time in education issue. My life is not that easy. I screwed it up for many times, failed for hundred times, and try to fix it thousand times. And in this phase, I just do not want to fail again in learning life's lesson which God gives to me.

One thing, I don't need much friends. I just need friend who is loyal to me. Somebody who will be there when I need to share felicity and stay strengthening me when I'm being weak. So, I'll be there for her or him as strong as her or him be here with me.
Not friends whose words show jealousy and answer 'I don't know' when I ask the way if I lost it. Not them who treat me not the same like they do to others, because I'm different.

Friendship is not only about go anywhere together. Not only about similarity. Well, whatever. All I wrote about is I'm little bit mad and disappointed. And that's why I decided to be introvert to strangers.

Actually, I don't know what I've written. Just feel so kacau tonight.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

Ps: Your homeworks are to make conclusion and give the tittle pfffft :P

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