Saturday, February 26

Message Rules, please..

Hwahaha, maap maap aja ye buat yang tadi kirim sms annoying. Sumpah, ganggunya gak ketulungan sih! Jadi bukan salah bunda mengandung dong kalo ada monyet nongol di sms saya.

This evening, I was laying on my bed after working and it was raining, again. Tired? Of course!! Bad mood? I was. Then I got message from unknown number.
First : Yanx
Second : Yanx
Third : Hei
Fourth : Yanx hp ak mati bes btre,.jd dak bs sms

Najiz. Sms-nya sok imut banget! Mengini ngelempar daun pintu ke muka sampeyan itu loh!

And I replied,
"Kenapa gak sekalian elo aja yg mati, nyet!?"

Hahaha! That was the very first time I replied message from unknown number rudely. Usually, I just deleted message from unknown number, whoever they are. If their name aren't recognized by my phone, I won't reply. Except, you put your name in it. No matter how you ask me to reply, if you do not obey the rules in sending me messages, I won't reply.

Moreover, if my -bad- mood has successfully dominated myself, usually I don't reply any messages received. And when my mood back, I will reply it. Even I reply it 24 hours after you sent message, wait till my mood turns better.

Beside, I feel so disturbed when people send message in very long or short words. Just like combine letter and number. For example 9 to say ng, 5 to say ma, 2 to say tu. Please! I have think hard to translate those kinda message.
Or, in long form. Say aku becomes agkoo, or something like that. I'm sick of those messages!

I'm a normal girl. So please send ne the normal one.

Oh ya, moreover boys send me message that ways, alay! I do wanna tell them to stop sending me message using those silly combinations.

Buat yang tadi sms itu, tolong deh ya, jangan ganggu deh. Anda tuh ganggu banget, sumpah demi apapun. Dan anda juga ogebnya kebangetan. Kirim sms buat pacar sendiri kok ya nyasar sampe sekian kali. So fcking hilarious! Otaknya kemana loh??? Ampun deh!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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