Sunday, February 13

Sunday Fun Day *hope*

Yesterday was so tired. Seriously. Umi gets well, so I can start my day normally. Sometime I stay at home watch her, or when I go out, Lampir or Devil will watch her.
This afternoon, I plan to meet Rora and Pep, then have dinner in Anak Ayam or Ropita (again?).

Oh ya, since Umi is not in good condition to do such household thingy, we hire a maid. Usually, Umi wants to do anything by herself. But now, she should take care of her health. So so so, she doesn't cook meals also for us and the maid does. I prefer eat out with my sister or buy meal and eat it in house.

Yesterday, I went to campus had a meeting for English Contest. Then I was back home at 1.30pm, and hadn't lunch yet.
Fortunately, parents' client gave 'berkat' as celebration of Maulid Nabi. So, had lunch with berkat.
And yap, at 2.30pm I went work. Always laugh with my kids. Congrats for Rigan and Rajif for winning badminton competition :). And Sirin always bothered me when am teaching others. Oh ya, I have a new partner in my working place. Need not to tell much.

Then, actually should back home at 5.00pm. But I had to go to campus again for meeting, again. After meeting had dinner in Rocket with Icus and Echi.

This afternoon hope can go to Rora's house and go out with her and Pep.

*P.s: Lately I like Bradley Cooper. Dan akhirnya gara-gara dia, aku suka sama cowok brewokan. Brewok tipis gitu sih. Nha, yesterday when afternoon meeting, there was Phillip with his new face. Haha, I mean, I didn't meet him for long time. Dan dia sekarang brewokan!!!

At lart I say, A Velly Intewesting blog.

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