Monday, February 7

Umi, I just want you to be healthy..

Maybe I'm not a good daughter, maybe I am. But one thing I know, I want Umi get well.

Umi, dulu Umi yang selalu khawatir tiap kali liat Veli mimisan. Tadi sore, Veli yang khawatir banget liat darah keluar dari hidung dan mulut Umi.

Umi, dulu Umi yang selalu ngusapin hidung Veli yang mimisan. Yesterday, I did.

Umi, it's the second time you are hospitalized in about ten years. I do remember that they didn't tell me when you were hospitalized years ago. But now, I'm not I was. I have grown up. Noone should lie to me just to see me not to be worry with you anymore.

Aku masih inget waktu SD, aku gak tau kalo Umi di Rumah Sakit. I knew it even from my neighbor. Aku tau kok, mereka cuma pengen aku nggak khawatir. Karena aku tahu, I just can cry :'(

I can't stop pray for you. I don't want anything, but Umi. I want her to be healthy. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to accompany her in hospital last night :(

Last night, I almost couldn't sleep. I closed my eyes, but woke up for many times. I saw the clock again and again, but it seemed run so slow. I closed my eyes, then woke up minutes later, I saw the clock, and felt desperate to see its moving. It looked stop, but it didn't.

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