Wednesday, March 2


Okay, won't write too much. Am too lazy to explain.

- Went to campus, as always. Had meeting for English Contest next week. Tired? Yes.
-Had lunch at Rudal with all the committee.
-Arrived at home about 1pm. Then, prepared to go work.
-At 1.30pm, went to office. Today taught at Transjaya. Me? Yes. For more, later I'll post, but not now.
-Went home at 4pm. Then enjoy the day.
-Had dinner at Rocket. What a day! Lately, seldom eat at home. Since Umi seldom cooks, I prefer eat out.

Tomorrow will be absolutely extra hectic. Technical meeting fo English Contest, tomorrow.

Ok. Au revoir fellas!
Sleep tight.

Hey btw, it's nice date! 02.03.2011 or 2.3.4. If we plus it and just separated by the point. Well, whatever.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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