Thursday, March 31


Last week got cough, then took meds. Better. And now, again? Just took meds.

Kata umi, if you don't feel well, take meds soon. You know what's your body's feeling. Don't wait till she remains me to take meds for hundred times. I have to be dicipline.

Tonight discuss with a friend about my insom which I have suffered since I was 14. I didn't consider it as serious thing before, as long as doesn't disturb my day, although I am envy to see my others fams sleep. Sometime I also feel sleepy in the afternoon, but that's normal I guess.

My friends often ask me, how can I look fresh although never have enough time to sleep. I have no idea to answer it. And I never sleep during the class. Great, ha?

I feel cold. Cold symptoms. I need to sleep, will go to bed. Hope sleep before 12am. I'm so exhausting. I had classes since 07.30am to 04.00pm. Ha, and tomorrow will have class and teach too.

Life isn't easy, is it?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog

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