Thursday, April 14


In love, Vel?
Nope. Just like.

I met him in front of the library. Well, firstly I couldn't see his face clearly cause I didn't use my glasses. Without glasses, everyone will be the same for me in distance. When I got closer, I saw him, his face, CLEARLY.

I don't know how my face expression at that time, and am not interested to know. I wanted to smile, but I was shy. I knew he would smile at me, too. I pretended not to look at him, but I looked at him! I wish I didn't. I guess my eyes spoke what I'm feeling. Perhaps I could lie, or just wanted to hide my feeling. In fact, my eyes showed anything.

Suddenly, I become clumsy when I meet the one I like, can't smile nicely, even I do want to. I'm a type of person who can't be friendly to anyone, except they are my my close friends. I won't say hi, before they say hi first. It's arrogant, I know. That's the way I protect myself. I don't want to be ignored. I was friendly and cheerful and greet anyone with smile. But then I learn that sometime they do not even smile at me. So, I restrict myself, keep it not to be too friendly. When you say hi, but then people you greet say nothing, ignore you. It will make you look like an idiot. I don't want it.

I just don't want the thing I explain above happen, when I smile to the one I like, his reaction isn't like what I expect, well it hurts, man.

So, I let my eyes speak, convey my feeling.
Thing made me happy was when I saw his eyes and he saw mine warmly, I knew he got the point and I do, too :)

Well, let me speak loudly in my silence, as always. My eyes are the best weapon to convey the message in my silence.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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