Tuesday, April 5

Commitment is A Choice

I see many people quit after challenging their selves.
I see some of them disappointed for doing something.
I see them, being curious and try it.
But next, they are regret.

For me, life is about how to choose and how to learn. If I never choose, I will never learn how to make mistake. Then, if I do the same mistake, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice. It means I choose making mistake, the same mistake. I always convince myself that when I have made decision, I should have no time to regret it. Everything, even I make wrong decision.

Commitment, I’m learning about it now. I’m learning it not from love which is related to the word ‘commitment’. I’m learning it from my decision chose English as my field. I’m learning it from my job as a tutor.

English Department, yes, I belong to it. I have been in love with it since I was kid. And still in love with it, even love it more since I can earn money from it. I chose it just because I love English. I knew it’s a major for those who want to be an English Teacher. What the hell?! I often shouted that sentence and acted like crazy everytime the lecturers remind us to act well because we are teacher to be. Erwr! Me? Teacher? I did hate it. In my opinion, not everybody wants to be a teacher. Maybe they only love English and have no dream to be a teacher, just like me.

But now I have to say, if it’s my fate, I will do. Will I?
Yes, I will.
Beside, I want to change education system in Indonesia. Well, I’m a insurgent. You can see my track record, what I have done as an insurgent. Protest is one of the things I can do very well. Call me revolutionary. Yeah, revolutionary teacher to be. I do wanna change many things.

And the second one, I learn about commitment from my work. Well, got a job now is not easy man. So, when you’ve got it, try your best to serve. I don’t really care about the number of my wage. I learn it from my sisters that money will be with you if you are deserved for it.

Lampir has been working in a hospital as a pharmacist for five years. She worked and keeps working even she earned less money. Even I had ever said, it’s better to quit than keep working there. But for her will, she gets worth value there now.

And Devil, she has been working in a constructor company for three years. She earns better number of wage there.

Both of them want to be civil servant. Tell me, why? I have never wished to be a civil servant. If it’s possible, I want to be a business woman. Or for now, I prefer to be a freelancer like I do now, freelance tutor. I respect myself, love myself. I hate working with certain uniform. Will I stand if work with uniform in my lifetime? Kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school. More than 12 years I had to wear uniform. It bounded me. I love to live freely, with my own rules. And uniform is not for me, I think.

I have been working for 6 months and have no will to quit. I’m learning how to be a professional.

Now, every Wednesday I teach English in Transportation Academy. I met many people. And my students are about 18-23 years old. I have to standing front of the class. Not teaching in small room with 3-4 students anymore. Every Wednesday, I have to act like a real teacher. Although for sure, I can’t. Moreover, they know how old I am. That’s why I ask them to call my name only without Miss if they see me outside that place.

They know how old I am, but respect me like ya I’m a teacher. Even I prefer to be considered as friend. What kinds of life I’m living in? I often laugh at myself.

Some of my students ask, “Miss, do you have a boyfriend?”
So, what should I do? And perforce I said YES. And I know I’m a liar. But it’s better than they flirt me haha. Last week, they asked for my phone number, but I refused to give. I have to.

When I see some of my friends, they worked in a company as a costumer service. That’s the easy one. Working to blabber, sell product, and ensure them to buy it. They come to their office as they please. When they feel boring, they go home. Even, one of them work for days and want to quit. Hell ya?!
Well, what do you think?

Commitment is easy to say, but hard to do. It comes from inside.

According to dictionary:
Commitment, when you are willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something

Can you?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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