Friday, April 1

Frog Prince (?)

Frog Prince, are you really exist???

I'm not living in fairytale. It's not for me. I'm sure with it.

Tonight Arina sent me message and we talked many things. One of them is about L-O-V-E.
She said that she is waiting for a Frog Prince come and show her love. But I said, I wait for nobody.
Well, it's not fairytale. There's no prince will come with his white horse. I don't expect for prince, but a man.

I seldom think about love. Kinda ironic, I know. I do not consider myself as a lonely and single girl, but happy and independent.

I said, I wait for nobody. I lied. Inside, I do wait.
Waiting is the best alibi I can mention now. But I don't know for what and for who.

God will give choices before sending the right one.

Jodoh tak lari kemana.

Jodoh + Lari ___ KEMANA ???

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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