Monday, April 25

Last night I went to hospital to visit my kung. Due to stroke, he has been being hospitalised for one week. I know I can do nothing. I didn't talk much with him, he is kinda less talker. Moreover now, he can't do anything, even to say simple words. He can't move his right side body. And I saw Ibu's face looked so pale for worrying him and keeping him, although there are her sons, too there to keep him.

And last night at the hospital, I met my uncle who works in Samsung, Jakarta. He just arrived on saturday night and had to be back to Jakarta on Sunday night.
My sisters and I talked to him. We planned to start a business. What business??

I'm on my way to be a business woman. Try to have mindset as a business woman. My sisters have had their own business, I learn from them and my parents, too.

Wishing Kung gets well soon.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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