Friday, April 29

Let The Journey Begins

Allright, I just finished packed my stuff. Tomorrow I'll go to Semarang to join the training, yeay!!
I'll be there with Mba Fina, L, and Mamum. Finally my parents allow me because girlfriend also join with us.
I just realized that we come from four different levels.
Me - Second Semester.
L - Fourth Semester.
Mamum - Sixth Semester.
Mba Fina - Eighth Semester.

See? But we have the same interest.

So, let the journey begin. My wild soul has been ready to live as a volunteer and its simple life, simple stuff.

Oh, I forgot to say that I was so envy with Echi. She saw 'Yellow', the one I currently often write here. Yaya, the one I like, the one whose anything in him surprise me, my mood booster. But whatever. I'll have two days trip with the one she adores, hahaha revenge.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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