Monday, April 11

Oh Teens...

Yes, I guess I'm not a teenager anymore, or maybe I am? Whatever.

Today was such rubbish. I wasted time and money in netshop. I had one class in the morning, at 7.30am, and another one was in the afternoon, at 1.10pm.
I used to join the afternoon class, but kinda lazy and skipped it. I intended to spend hours at netshop than back home. And internet successfully made me lazier, so I bolos.

And when I was gonna pay the bill, I saw two junior high school students printed photos. And the photos were SM*SH!!!
I know you must be very shock *lebay*, So am I.

Are they blind or something? Don't they know KPop and the Real Boybands? Oh teen..

When I was in their age, I used to print asshitments and photos of Harry Potter casts and Legolas. Much higher level.

Sm*sh? Ewww!

Well, teenagers.
In case, I'm fcking ancient leh ('_' )-----

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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