Wednesday, April 13


Nggak ngerti harus bilang apa, nyesek aja gitu. Rasanya pengen meledak.

Sore ini aku minta duit ke umi buat daftar member IIWC. Fyi, IIWC is an NGO for voluntary and cultural exchange. She refused. The main reason was nobody joins it, there's no friend interested in it.

I said, there will be a training for new members on May 1. She asked, where? It'll be placed in Semarang. Well, it's on Sunday gitu. I guess there's no reason for her not to allow me. But she keep refusing.

Dia tuh takut kuliahku terbengkalai. I'm sure I won't neglect it. I just want to widen my knowledge, thought, vision.

Then minutes ago, I told Devil about my wish to join IIWC. Seriously, I want to!

It's kinda suck when I want something badly, and it's stuck just because my parents don't allow me. It's positive one. They always worry about me if I join something alone while others don't.

I'm sure I can handle my activity outside and inside the college. I don't wanna be passive, I wanna be massive.
It's suck depend on others while I know they never interested in the thing I'm interested in a lot.

I want it. I want IT! I WANT IT!!!

Last February,
I would join IIWC's workcamp in Gedongsongo Temple, live in a house with other volunteers from Indonesia and other countries, for 2 weeks.
Firstly, Umi allowed, but then she didn't.
The reasons are I can't cook and I can't wash my own clothes.

Aku bisa belajar kok!!!
Walaupun seumur hidup aku gak pernah nyuci baju, kalo kepepet kan pasti bisa juga. Toh cuma digituin doang, yang penting ucekucek gitu, basah, tinggal jemur. Masalah bersih gak bersih mah belakangan!
Aku gak bisa masak, kecuali air, mie instan, sama telor.
Tapi kalo kepepet, asal campur bahan makanan, ada rasanya, kan dimakan juga. Yang penting gak pada keracunan aja!

Serius. Mereka suruh aku jadi mandiri begitu aku ngelangkah keluar rumah, I do. Tapi kenapa gak boleh kalo jauh-jauh dari rumah? Aku jadi ngerasa manja banget tau gak, padahal aku pengen banget mandiri tingkat dewa.

Plis la lemme join. Iiiiiiiish, I will never grow up if they restrict me like hell.
Aku gak akan maju dan berkembang kalo ngikutin temen. When will you give me chance!?

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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