Tuesday, May 31

I Love Monday!

Another confession.
Lately, I Love Monday. Why?
*smile*, because I can see Yellow only Monday and Wednesday. But, almost every monday I see Yellow and pretty rare on Wednesday, we have our own classes to be attended.

Yesterday I saw Yellow front of library, again. Maybe I have to say I Love Library, too.
Yellow is my sunshine. Yellow is my mood booster.

Jadi kemarin aku ketemu Yellow di depan perpustakaan. It seems like when I do want to see you, I won't find you. But when I do not expect to see you, voila! You there.
Kemaren aku puasa, siang-siang panas, ngelak banget. Begitu keluar dari perpustakaan dan aku ngeliat kamu, es kelapa aja sampe lewat! Efek yang ditimbulin bener-bener joss banget! Efeknya lebih dahsyat daripada es kelapa (buat orang puasa lho ya).

I don't want to be someone for you. Let it be like this. I just like to see you, anything in you.
And I have never realize our past can influence this much. Our one day activity when we were on the committee. When we were sitting together and talked much thingies for hours.

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