Saturday, May 7

I was kinda Emotional

Yesterday I did bad things. Things? Yep, more than one bad thing.

-Cough and flu

Yesterday when I was heading to Tari's boarding house, I forgot to turn on the signing lamp, I would turn left but forgot to give sign. And I was almost hitted by another bike left behind me. I was kinda innocent and didn't concentrate while riding my bike.
Then the one who almost hitted me shout at me, 'CRAZY'
Then I replied calmly, 'So?'

I mean, well, so what? Even if I am crazy, that's none of his business to shout loudly like that. I still remember his face, and if I want, I can fight against him. I did want to take something and throw it towards his suck face.

The second one was in the parking area.
I always hate the security guard in my campus. They are lazy and helpless.
I saw a bike was allowed to come out by passing the entrance gate. Then I just wanted to do the same. So I gave the parking card, but they refused it. Okay, war declaration!!
They explained blah blah blah. Before they finished it, I left them and sang Nyan Cat's song loudly
Yah, something like that.

I hate them, seriously, with no doubt. And I don't care whether they hate me or not. I don't give a shit.

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