Tuesday, May 31

Meet the Extravagant

Meet the extravagant. That’s me!

I had a very shocking conversation with Mba Veniy, Mba Ito, and Jeje Yohana on our to Semarang. We talked about birth mark on our body. Mba Veni said that her mama bought Primbon book about it.

  • If you have it on your palm of left hand or your wrist

It means you are extremely wasteful. And ya, I have two on my left hand.

Those pictures taken after waking up

See? I have two. It emphasizes that i am super wasteful. I can’t keep money in long term. Okay, i live in a small town and for sure i say we do not need too much money to live here. You can get almost anything cheaper. But sometime i can spend my one-month pocket money just in days. And for the rest, i have to take some of my saving money or just wait for the next day to get another pocket money from my parents.

  • If you have it on your palm of feet, you’ll be success.
  • If you have it on your breast or around chest, you have huge desire *Ooooow*

Last Thursday was live on TVRI and arrived home at 11pm, exhausted yet fun. Photos uploaded soon.

At last i say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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