Sunday, May 22

Random May

Random thingies about May. Many thing occured this month. I was hitted by motorcycle twice in a week, planned to sell stuff i don’t need anymore, found Kenji *name of snack*, learn Korean language, i wore skirt during mid-term test *tragedy*, many things.

Swollen calf.

I was hitted by a vespa in tha last mid-test day. I went to campus, wore skirt, and hitted by vespa. And another wound was swollen and blister thigh. It made me hard to walk, imbalance.

Sling bags.

Want it? I wanna sell it. Maybe in a bazaar? But umi asked to just give them to people who really need it.

My Prada bag. Mini backpack. I love it mucho. Never wanna give it to others. It was given by my sister’s ex-boyfriend, bought it in Malaysia years ago. I seldom use it. I don’t know what I have to do with it.

I still have some bags to be sold or given to others.


I found it in a stall near my house. It’s long time I didn’t see and taste it. I ate many snacks when I was kid. I call it chiki, although chiki is a brand of a snack. But I call any snack with “CHIKI”. I ate Guntur, Anak Emas, Krip Krip, Fuji Mie, Twisko, Jetz, many others.

Korean! I’m learning it, now.

Oh ya, I had to wear skirt during mid-test. And it tortured me. Finally, I obey the rule. And people looked amaze when they saw me with skirt. One of my friend guessed that I wore stocking when I was wearing skirt, because he thought I have a very white leg skin. Ya I know I’m blacker now.

Bonus photos. Hamsters!

My neighbor’s hamsters actually, haha. Since it’s hard to get permission from umi to have animals, I give up.

Fyi, I had five hamsters when I was in 6 grade. I had two, Santi and Tutu. And after the departure of Santi, I bought a new one named Syalum. Then I bought Kiti and Keti. Syalum passed away caused by the carelessness of my sisters. Tutu passed away caused by tumor on his left hand *at that time, I just know that hamster could suffer tumor*. Kit-ket were my fault.

Next Thursday, I will have debate competition which will be breaded by TVRI. Yeah, on TV, haha. Wish us luck!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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