Wednesday, June 22

Bye Cadets :)

What a rush day!
I just arrived home after having classes at campus, teaching at Transjaya, and the office for delivering the book and present list. Even, I haven't had lunch! And for being late to have lunch, I feel pain in my belly, gastritis or people call it 'maag'. Ya, that's one of thingies happen in me when I forget to eat or eat late. And now, I think I will eat my lunch-and-dinner once.

Okay, today was my last day taught in Transjaya. I made a test for them, we had conversation. I called them one by one. For those who have pass the test, I asked them to draw pictures, anything. And I got 3, from Eva, Asis, and Anggi. Thanks much, fellas.
Just preview before I tell more about them in another post.

And I promise them to activate my facebook for three day before I deactivate it again. I'll do it soon.
I'm gonna miss them. However annoying they are, they gave much laughters in my wednesday :)
and I will miss it so badly. They are so nice to me.

I'm exhausting. I'll have my late lunch-and-dinner, then do another job, then asshitments.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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