Thursday, June 23

I Have to Finish It asap

Today I had earlier writing test, but I was late and also forgot the test would be held today.

Yesterday morning my sister told me that her friend want to translate Jason Mraz's songs, full album of We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. I'll get worth it fee, and if I finish it in three day, I'll get another bonus. I plan to finish it tonight and send it by email tomorrow.

Actually, I would finish it yesterday but it was kinda impossible since I had very full schedule.

I don't mean to complain, I'm sure.
But my brain is shared into pieces. July 4th, I'll face final exam. And the lecturers gave more and more asshitments to do. I'm afraid can't submit it on time. When I have done my job *translating*, I have to focus on those asshitments.

Oh ya, this is my real complain:
When I do need electricity so badly, why does PLN do something like blackout? It's like wtf, I need electricity for my laptop! I have to finish my work, ergh!

Well, it's just refreshing my mind. I'm ready to work, again!

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