Sunday, June 26

I know, I shouldn't this bitch complaining all the time but seriously it's a test for me.
I have to submit group asshitment tomorrow.
My fellas gave the papers to me on friday. And I did it on friday night, I've done about 1/5 of it. On saturday, I was damn busy in the day. So I did it on satnite and done almost half of it.
Today, I have CSR at campus from 7am and arrived home at about 5.30pm. I was there by bike, yes bike to campus. Tired.
I just woke up after taking a nap. Actually I planned to do the asshitment, but the lamp is going out.
Argh! Wth!?
I think I have to be absent *again* in structure class to finish this asshitment. And it does shit!!!

I'm gonna try to sleep, again.

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