Wednesday, June 29

I'm 19 already

Selama aku eksis di dunia blog dan facebook, I have to make priority and choose one of them. When you find this page is privated, it means facebook is my priority. But I promise will deactivate it soon.

Today I did blood donor in a mall in my town. I did my hobby to hang out alone, eat in new place alone, buy thingies alone. I don't say I don't need anybody. But I do enjoy the activity.

In the blood donor stand, felt so wow. 3 persons asked my age. Maybe for them it's hard to believe that I am 19 already. One of them said that I'm babyface, one other said that I'm a junior high school student, and another asked did I hang out alone? Where was my mom? Oh, do I look that young? I felt happy to hear that at first. But when people start asking my age when I wanna do adults do, it turns to annoy me. I act gracefully already, so they don't think that I'm kiddo. But I fail to make impression that I'm mature enough. Uh!

Whatever. I have to enjoy anything in my life, never be bored.

Oh, complaining. Never ending asshitments. I need to rest my brain. I'm fine if I don't sleep, but my brain does need it.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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