Saturday, June 11

Many things happened. And here is the review of the week.

1. Madness on Tuesday.
At campus was angry with a friend because of her 'rebek'ness. That's all I could do, don't expect more and force me to make your expectations come true. I'm human. Masalah tugas sebenernya. Dan dia annoying banget. Sumpah, sampe hampir ngelempar handphone waktu itu.
Malemnya aku ngamuk-ngamuk ngajar anak tetangga, sampe aku tereak di kamar mandi. Terus jam 9 malem sepulangnya Lampir dari kerja, aku minta ditensi. Eh kok malah DARAH RENDAH??! Pertanyaan banget.

2. Since last week I had hamsters, 5 hamsters. I'll tell more later.

3. I met a very lazy girl and her laziness is bad luck for those who were in the same group speaking with her.

4. My phone was fell down for 4 times in the parking area, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Bener-bener ini hape tahan banting. And wait for August to buy new one.

5. I cursed a pick up just now. Najis banget kalo inget itu pick up! Semoga njomplang!

6. I'll be 19 soon!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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