Tuesday, June 28

Seriously, it starts to make me worry. I have cried twice in two weeks after I saw 'ondel-ondel' on the way.

Two weeks ago, on Tuesday I saw it on my way to campus. And I cried. Stupid!
And tonight I didn't saw it actually, just heard its sound. I bought something in Indomaret after meeting Pep and Rora. And when I stepped out of Indomaret, I heard its sound. I was getting panic and straight to ride my motorcycle to house. Then I cried louder when arrived at home. Hysteria.
Still, I can't believe that I'm a-19-year-old girl who can cry like a two-year-old girl when see it.

Oh ya, I think 24 hours isn't enough for me recently because too many asshitments to do. And unfortunately, my laptop is down and need to be reinstalled. My asshitments? NO!!! ToT
Maybe God thinks that I need to take a rest and not force myself too much just like I did lately. Thanks God for remaining :)

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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