Thursday, September 22

I Need My ME Time!

Feel so thankful when it turns night and time shows 09.00pm. It means I have my own time and have my mind rested. Almost every night I am angry with my neighbors' children. They study in my house. We can say that they are my student, but not in real meaning as student. I just help them to learn the material. After being tired with classes all day and work, I often get angry easily. I'm angry not only because I'm tired for all day activity, but also they can't use their brain maximally Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
I try hard to be more relax with them. Sometime we laugh, sometime we don't. I consider them as my younger sisters and brothers.

I take more credits this semester just like I did in the previous semester. When I look at my schedule, in my mind I say, "Okay, I really need holiday!"
I'm trapped in my daily activity Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
But I'm happy.

When most of my friends waste their time by gossipping, I play with the elementary school students and make my day more colorful. Now I work in a course every Friday and Saturday, one hour per day. Every Monday and Thursday I meet the cadets, again  I have had the experiences my other friends don't have. I've the networks, new friends, and etc from my job.

One thing makes me kinda hard to have ME TIME is I can't hang out in the night because I have to help children around me house studying. I just have free night on saturday night. It makes me wanna escape and hide in deep island. That's why when I had IIWC activity, it was like a very sweet escape. It make me a little fresh to face all my activities. And for now it's kinda impossible to run away from all my duties here. I have to find something and it's so something that I can go for a while from here, maybe 1-2 days.

I want to arrange quick vacation to Karimun Jawa, but I'm not sure my parents would allow me. It's not easy to get permission from them. The only thing I can do to entertain myself is by doing anything related to internet, chat, blog, music. It helps a lot avoiding me from feeling distress.

I don't even have time to meet Pep and Rora in this last three months.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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