Monday, September 19

It's kinda Complicated Week

Let's talk a bit serious in this post. Last week was complicated, yet emotional week. I don't know why since I was being good friends with trouble when I was in high school, I always believe *suggest* myself that sorrow will always be with happiness and just the other way.

I spent a very sweet escape and unpredictable holiday during IIWC activity in Nglimut. Much laughter, I met new people, broaden networks, very excited. I was home on Tuesday at about 10pm. I planned to watch Barcelona vs AC Milan, but I was too tired and went to bed just one hour before the match began.

In the morning, my sister woke me up and told me that Mbah Aung (grandpa) passed away at 4.15am. I wasn't shock at all, because I had dreamed about it the night before he passed away. I always have strong feeling about death, even with very far neighbor. That night, I dreamed that we went to Mbah Aung's house in panic in early early early morning.

I cry while I'm writing this post. I just saw his last photo in my sister's engagement. I still can not accept the reality that he is now very far away from us. I wander what he does there, who accompany him. He's just too good man. Although I was not really close with him, but I care with him.

When I saw his face for the last time, he's so handsome. He's even more handsome than usually he was.

Mbah Aung and Abah

Night people!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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