Monday, September 5

Just an update

Long time no post. Firstly I'm gonna say Happy Eid Celebration for those who celebrate it.

It's a good day, yet bad one. I started my day crying at 3.30am. I cried like baby when I was sleeping. I had a nightmare. It was related to my phobia to clown or something like that. If I could choose, I'd prefer dream about Samara (the ring ghost) or dracula than clown. I cried unless Umi woke me up. She whispered 'wake up, that's just dream, open your eyes'

They say that a dream which comes after 3.00am is from ghost (?), not from God. Iiiiiish, how come the ghosts know that I suffer coulrophobia?
I was thinking, maybe I need to meet a doctor consulting about it?

But today was not that bad. I went to Nav, a family karaoke place. You know what to do there. But I went there not with my fellas, but my sister's haha. Laughed laughed laughed.

But when I'm alone like now, I keep remembering about my this morning nightmare. It makes me afraid to go sleeping.
I convinced myself not to sleep after the dream. "don't sleep, don't sleep, don't sleep."
Then finally, I sleep.

That's all for now. Au revoir!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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