Friday, September 30

Share The Words

Last Wednesday (if I'm not mistaken), I attended speaking class late because of something. And on speaking class, we had to share one biggest problem. I'm sure I have many biggest problems in my life, but I'm not sure can share it with everybody. So, I just shared my so-so problem instead of sharing my real problems. We were divided into several groups and each groups contained of 4-5 students. In my group, there were 4 students included me. We got random papers which have been written problems of the students in my class.

After we discussed the paper problems, then we shared our own problems. I wasn't really comfort at first, but for sure I was not supposed to mention what my problem is. I just say that I'm an ambivert. In one time you can see me so extrovert, but in other time I'm kinda introvert *as long as I'm not a pervert* Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

They said, my problem is I'm too indifferent. I do not say hi to people, or mostly I do not say hi first. When I'm walking, I just walk straight with my headset in my ears. I do not look around just like I don't care with people around. I think I should not look around repeatedly just to get their attention that I'm exist. I said, that's their problems of me. They said that I should be more friendly. I'm friendly enough with those who have known me personally. I don't have to be friendly with people I don't even know, because it is wasting my time.

In my opinion, if they wanna be my friend, they should come and ask me because I don't know things on their minds are about me. I'm a kinda person who will move nowhere when I'm in my comfortable area. I mean, when I feel comfort associating with some people, I wouldn't look around for other friends. Because I'm  not adaptive, I think.

I like it when people tell me what they think about me honestly. So, I can consider their feeling when I do something. I getto know myself better. I don't mean to care about what they say, but as long as it takes positive effect for me, I think that's not big deal to change a little bit. It's a big deal actually. Well, let's see what will happen next. But I'm very comfort with how I manage myself and my habit. I'm comfort when people think twice to talk to me.

Am I that evil??? Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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