Saturday, September 24

Sumpah, Sampe Kebawa Mimpi XD

I think yestersday I wrote something about Karimun Jawa and how hard to get permission from my parents to go there. Last night I dreamed about those thingies. I really wanna go to Karimun Jawa so I run away from house without getting allowed from my parents. But, I didn't approach there but I went to...... somewhere, I think.

I really need vacation Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Hope can arrange some next year. This year, I'm so busy to collect money Tuzki Bunny Emoticon and experiences

I'm planning Bali and Karimun Jawa next year and also join some IIWC workcamp! Amen...

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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