Saturday, September 10

This week update

It's kinda a very quick and dense one, started from last Sunday.

Sunday, 04.09.2011
I went to Mommies' house -Mommy Arief, Mommy MW, and Mommy Indri-
Firstly, me and Ayuni went to Mommy MW's home which farther than other. At 4p.m We went to Mommy Indri's home and fortunately she was buying mpek-mpek (Indoesian cuisine from Palembang, South Sumatra), so she bought it for us too. Before maghrib, we moved to Mommy Arief's home whioh is in the same area with mommy indri's house. and we were there gossipped as always till 7.30p.m. Then went home.

Tuesday, 06.09.2011
I drove Umi to a fruitdtall in Jalan Poso. And minutes after we arried there, a car stopped. And a man (look like he is an official of something, wtf) bought a basket of fruits -we call it 'parsel'-. Then after he finished there, he took two oranges from a basket without paying.
I was like "Gosh! He just stole it and did like he did nothing." I really wanna scream and call the seller. But then, the man got lost. Wow, hopefully I would never do like he did.

Thursday. 08.09.2011
At about 12 p.m when I was watching Prosecutor Princess, I got a call from L. He said that on Sunday I have to go to Semarang for training. I have to join training to be a contact person of Tegal region of IIWC because my senior whose jobs are as the contact persons got other duty abroad :(
Mamun will go to France for 10 months and Mas Hanif will go to England for 2 months L( (I want it!!!)
I was like "What? France?! I want it! I have been dreaming about France since I was in Junior High School =("
But anyway, congratulation for you both :). So happy to hear that and hopefully I can go there someday :)
So tomorrow I'll go to Semarang with L, Mamum, and Mas Hanif. As always, I'm the only girl among them.

Saturday, 10.09.2011
Today is My Abah birthday. He is 52 years old now.
Last year, his birthday was on Eid Mubarak day.
Selamat ulang tahun Abah, Love, your daughter.

I'll go to Semarang fro 3 days, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So I'll miss last Episodes of Prosecutor Princess, My Princess, and You are My Destiny.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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