Sunday, October 30

Ah ya, I remember something. This afternoon class, when I was teaching kids in my office, my pencilcase was hidden by Sasa ans Elin. I lost my own pencilcase about 4 days ago and still haven't found yet. So, I used Ichan's pencilcase but was hidden by Sasa and Elin. I was panic, but tried not to look panic.

I taught like usual, then student of mine named Tari gave me suggestion to call my handphone (I also put my handphone inside the pencilcase). Then moments later, it rang. And yayaya, I found it!!!

This week, it seems like 'something' asked me to play with it. 'something' unseen. I put my pencilcase on my bed and minutes later it lost. I have looked for it around my bedroom, even in very impossible place. But I found nothing. And now, I can't find my lotion. I also put in on the bed. I looked for it under the pillows, blanket, even under the bed, but I also could not find any of them.

Okay, night people. Or, should I say, morning??
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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