Saturday, October 1


My hairstylist said that

I'm obsessed with blow-haired.

Since I cut my hair this short, I go to salon more often than when my hair was still very very long. I don't feel comfort when see my hair untidy and not blown. When my hair was long, I went to salon at least once in a month. When I was lazy, I just treated my hair at home. But now, I go to salon twice a week. What the hell with myself actually? Anyone can tell me?

I go to salon and ask them to blow my hair. When the one who usually blows my hair isn't there, I ask others to straighten my hair, but in the lower part of my hair, I ask her to make it bend inward. They call it catok-blow. Whatever the name, I just want my hair blown. That's better than I straighten it, because the effect will be seen clearly.

Remembering that I have had wavy hair since I was born *Umi's hair is straight and abah's hair is kinda curly -____-*. So, I have wavy hair. Actually I can blow it at home, but I prefer professional one does it. And actually again, it is easy to shape my hair blown.

Even Pep didn't believe when I told her I go to salon twice a week just to blow my hair. It's kinda unbelievable for those who have known me for very long time to know that I spend more time and money in salon now.

That's why, I also want my long hair back 
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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