Thursday, October 6

Dear Pasta,

Dear Pasta,
Hey you there, you have successfully waken me up
this early. I mean, awake this early
and made me blogging this morning.
You escape from your cage and made
everyone were busy looking for you, unless Umi
saw you and we could catch you.
Dear Pasta,
please don't do that anymore.
You do not know how wild life is. You never
know that you can be victim
of the rats in my house once you get out
from your cage.
Dear Pasta,
I was dreaming that I lost something
when Lampir suddenly woke me up and told that you lost.
You know how shock I was that I got my 100%
conciousness straightaway?
Please don't make me worry.
Or maybe you escape from your cage becauuse you
wanted to meet Pizza, your wife?
I'm so sorry, but I'm sure you wouldn't stay with
her for about one month. Yesterday she has born her babies and I
put her in Devil's room. You're a father now, pasta.
You're happy, right? Me, too. But I'm kinda worry with
your wife's habit eating her baby. That's canibalism.
I'll try my best to treat you and all of your friends,
because I love you all.
I love them, but they like to bite me when I hold them in
my hand.
And you're one of my favorite one, because you do not bite. I love Pizza, Butter, and Cookies too for being as nice as you. But I never hold Butter and
Cookies, because they are too hyperactive and it won't be
easy to catch them if they escaped.

I love you, my Pasta.

Pasta (Left) and Pizza (Right)
I'm not sure you can see Pasta well, he always moves,
not easy to take his photo

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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