Monday, October 31

Happy Monday :)

Many things to tell actually. Well, but before let me say I'm tireeeeeeeeeeeeedddd!. Alright fine, let's do what I should do.

Today I skipped Listening class because I attended Semantic class. Since I took more credits this semester, I can't manage the schedule well. Today was the fourth meeting of semantic class and I just attended twice. The first meeting was the very first meeting of Semantic with E class and the second one was this morning after ESP class. I felt guilty. And more guilty when  remember that I haven't even attended any CCU (Cross Cultural Understanding) class *sob sob*

Then the next lecture was EP (English Phonology) class and the lecturer was... ehm... as usual didn't come. My classmates went to Sophie's house in Tanjung, it is farther than Brebes and it takes one hour from Tegal. I didn't join them because I have to teach at 2pm this afternoon. Beside, my parents won't allow me lah. It's too faaaaaaaaarr.

And and and, I was home. At about 1.15pm something happened with me. I got nosebleed. Have I ever told you that I really often get nosebleed since I was 8 years old? Will be posted later about more thingies about me and now back to the diary.
I cover my nose with tissue when Umi came to my room and she asked, "You got nosebleed again? Is it a lot?". "No, I'm fine. It's not much"
Fortunately, it stopped before I went to work. I can't imagine if I came to class with my nose covered due to nosebleed.

I like senior class today. Okay, from now on I will mention senior for senior cadets in Monday class and junior for junior cadets in Thursday class. Is it clear enough? Yes.
Okay, I like senior class today. When I entered the class, there were three cadets only, they are Rio, Anggi, and Bandi. Then minutes later there were Wisnu, Bambang, Rizam, and Eko. So I asked them to make circle and we did discussion. We arrange the tables closer and we sat around the table. And it worked quiet well. I like that method because it made the positions of the cadets and I are the same. There were no teacher and students, there were only friends. The next minutes, the girls came and joined us.

First thing I asked them was about Youth Pledge. For us as youth, it doesn't impact much for our daily life. It's just formality which celebrated ceremonial only. As I ever said, there is no place for young generation now in Indonesia. Then we discussed about our wildest dream, what dreams mean for them, music, places we want to visit, and some other discussions based on handbook.

I laughed much in the meeting because it was really fun. I saw how silly Eko and Ariza was, I saw how silent boys like Hafiz and Wisnu went crazy.

In the end of the meeting when I was preparing my bag, a student of mine came to me and asked about something. She was confused that maybe I have some problems with her, because when she asked the material I just asked her to sit quite with a boy which is suspected as her boy friend. I swear that when she asked me the material I didn't hear it because I was not focus enough with her question. And I swear that I was just kidding just now. Seriously I felt so bad. I thought that I'm not good :(

But then I explained her that I didn't pay attention enough of her question just now and I felt really sorry. And I also said that I like her way when she felt like that she asked me directly, so there's no more misunderstanding between us. For sure, I like when my clients (students) complain me as long as it makes sense and not straight to blame me without asking any confirmation. That's what I call manly. Haha, actually my student who confronted me just now was girl. But, girl also can do that, right? That's GIRL'S POWER!

Alright fellas, that's all for today.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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