Tuesday, October 4

Like A Zombie

Count the sheep, obviously not helping me!
I thought it was not a big deal can not sleep like other people do. But today I think I have to be honest and not to make another lie with myself that I'm happy with it. Actually I'm not. I live in a world where being fit is the only way to face the day.

Today I had a very hectic day. I had classes until 5pm and today was the first time I had classes until 5pm. Since the new schedule came out and I was kinda shock to have unsettled lecture periods. For example, I come to campus at 8am and then went home at 9, at 11 I have to be at campus again and then there's no lecture until 3pm I have to back to campus. It's suck and it's more tiring than I have marathon classes from 8am to 3pm. I blame those schedule-makers like million times but it doesn't change anything. I'm just a student.

In this post, I'm gonna talk about something that actually really disturb me when I do need to take a rest. Tonight, due to this exhausting day I went to bed earlier. I really wanna sleep. I closed my eyes, played some soft songs, have my blanket covered my body, tried hard to sleep. But it took no effect. I'm tired, but when I can not sleep while I really need to, it's even three times more and more tiring than one day full activity. I didn't wanna be like zombie who lives but dying.

I have no plan to write anything tonight until I just felt being a zombie. I didn't even have a plan to online anything because what I want to do is sleep. I still have asshitments to do, but I can't think about it when I need to have my brain rested.

Last week it was another record that I slept at about 10 pm. Look, I can do it. But I don't know why I could sleep that time. When I can sleep early, I remember what Mba Veniy said to me, "Do it five times and it will be your habit."
So, when I can sleep early, the next day, I tried hard to sleep like the previous day. But mostly are failed. It's just accidental, I thought. Like, I don't know what kinds of words I have to say to express this bad feeling I feel now. It's like in particular circumstance, I'm between dream and real world. Like a zombie, not human being and not human corpse, either.

So, let's enjoy the night til I can go sleeping. What to do?
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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