Monday, October 24

Not Bad Monday

Hello fellas!
It's Monday and ehm, I don't really like Monday.

I went to campus at 8 am and before I reached highway, I saw that the traffic light didn't work well. I mean, it was dangerous because if small vehicle like motorcycle or pedicab or bike could be hit easily by the big ones. I often feel afraid when I have to cross the highway. There are two ways to cross the highway, with or without the traffic light. My parents never allow me to cross the highway from the way without traffic light, but most my friends do. My parents prefer I take farther but the save one.

Next one is I did presentation in ESP class. As the first group and I'm the only one from third semester and also as the first speaker, for sure, I didn't know exactly what I had to do. But at last, Miss Iya said that I presented it quite well. Thanks God. And because of the ESP class, I came late to Listening class. I came late to Listening class for two weeks. ESP class always started late, so it is also over late.

The next lecture EP, but the lecturer didn't come. I'm pretty confused. When I attended the class, the lecturer didn't. When I didn't attend the class, the lecturer came. It happened twice. Last week I didn't come to campus, and lecturer came. Last two weeks when I would attend his class, he didn't come -_______________-

So, I used the free time to do Reading homework with Echi and Tari. But before I did it, I went home. As usual, I deliver catering to Grapari at 10.30. But my Lampir did it. So, I was home to have lunch before I had rush day.

Then Umi asked me to accompany her to the bank. After that I went to blow my hair, then went to Tari's boarding house. When I finished with homework thingy, I went home. Nope. I went to PDAM actually to pay drinking water bill. And I went home to change my shirt.

At 1.40 I went to Transportation Academy. I enjoyed the class today, although I just taught 7 active students. When they could ignore me, I also could ignore them, I think. I taught NG (Anggi), Narul, Sugeng, Ayu, Eva, Rizam, and Asis. I do appreciate their effort in speaking English. I know I still can't speak well, that's why we learn it together. We laughed, we chatted, we imagined thingies. Today We discuss about our future planning. And we didn't realize that we had chatted using English for one hour. And we did enjoy it.

I went home and at 5pm, I went to Grapari to take the meal the have finished already. And, about one hour ago I just finished with my kids. I slept when they were doing their homework. I felt not really good today. I forgot my dinner, so my stomach was like get stabbed by the needles. It hurts, anyway.

And I post this rubbish thingy here, because I have nothing to do. I'm online QQ and blogging and look for some material for assignments.

Okay, bonne nuit.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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