Monday, October 3

Single - Happy

I accidentally listened to this song on Listening Class this morning. I came late and when I just entered the room, we were all asked to use the headset and ta-daa!!! the song was played.

I don't really like the song actually til I listened to it exactly this morning. I just know its reff. "I'm single and very happy". In fact the singer isn't single at all. She married already and has child(ren).

Do not ever feel lonely just because you're a single. I'm a single, but never consider it as a matter. I'm just too independent as I always said. Be single and be Happy!
Enough for today, I have to back to real world to meet bunch of asshitments to do -____-. Bonne nuit, fellas!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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