Saturday, October 1

The Story of Blue and Yellow

The story doesn't only refer to the real Yellow-and-Blue colors, but also Yellow-and-Blue in real life (if you know who I mean, but I'm sure you don't). It's an ambiguous story, yes, ambiguous.

We know each other this year, in an event, last February. Never talked til one day we sat together due to our duty in the hall. That was the very first time I talked to you in very long conversation in order to kill the boredom, and I'm sure you, too. We talked few times during the meeting, but it was just short conversation about our job descriptions.

Yellow-and-Blue are very match color for me. Even when I haven't known Yellow in real life. I wanted my room wall painted Yellow-and-Blue. But now, it is still Blue. And still, will be Blue without Yellow.

September, 17th 2011. Would it be the last time we meet?
The thing I love that day was we both wore Blue top. I wore Blue blouse and you wore Blue shirt. Are we really match? Or that's just accidentally happened?

Next year event, there will no more Yellow-and-Blue. A very sweet souvenir from 2011.
It is not revealed, yet unspoken. Unbroken feelings. Untold secret.
I don't even know what it is called... It's not like. It isn't love, either. It's just a Blue feeling.

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