Saturday, October 8

They are My Children

Days ago, when I taught kids around my house there was bakso stopped front of my house. Then they started to be very noisy because they wanted to buy it. I was like "god, why don't they just focus to their lesson?!."
And it was getting worse when sisters bought bakso -___-
So, I just made surprise that made them be noisier. I treated them. There were five kids and we ate bakso together like a family. I'm so happy that I could buy for them when I have money. I always get angry with them everyday, or at least they make me angry everyday for simple things like they do not do their math homework carefully and blah blah blah. Here are the photos. Sorry for bad resolution Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Our bakso. Btw, do you know BAKSO?? In English usually called MEATBALL.
But for me, BAKSO is BAKSO.
Pray before eating. Ameeeeen....

Compared: Dika's and Mine.
Mine is blacker than Dka's because it contains more errrr
what do we call it? Kecap?
Lia, the first one who asked me to teach her

He is Lia's cousin. I call him "Anak ALAY"
because HE IS!
His name is Ipul by the way.

That's Dika, still my family.

Dika's sister. She often makes me angry when doing mathematics.
She's so careless in math -____-

Girl next door. No actually.
Her house is front of mine, her name is Dita.

Then, back to your book!!!

Ipul had homework to draw Indonesian map.
And taa-daa!!!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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