Sunday, November 6

Butter ♥ Cookies

These pictures taken months ago, without Yellow who was bearing Onyu, Minyu and other hammus.
And it was also without baby Mocca. It was even, she hasn't been born at that time.
And still, there was Marble there, but now she is in Hamsters' Heaven already.

Alright. I think you have already known that I'm a hamster freak. I have 12 hamsters now and from different races. And now I'm going to post about the most energetic hammu I have, they are Butter and Cookies.

Butter and Cookies are from Roborovski race. They are small and never grown any bigger. It is super cute, but you can not play with it because once it escapes from the cage, it will not be easy to catch them. You may see how cute they are from the photos I'd like to post below. Enjoy people!!!

Butter : I wanna fly to the sky
Cookies : If only we can

Cookies : What the hell are you looking at, people!!!?
Butter : I know we are cute

Cookies : Maybe they adore us

Cookies : Butter, it is physical abuse! I will sue you!!!

See, they are super duper cute and I'm wondering how they can be that photogenic!? Ssssssttt, I'll tell you a secret. Ehhm, I can't distinguish which one is Butter and which one is Cookies.

Because you know, they are identically similar! I am not able to know without seeing something of them *wink*. 
The first one is the photo I like the most! It is like they are looking around the sky. Oh by the way, Butter and Cookies live in Orange Cage. It was the first cage I bought and many of my Hammus ever stayed there, for instance Milo, Mumble, Nimo, Moni, and Oreo. But the last three names are now in Hamsters' Heaven already.

That's all about my pets. Later post, I'll post about other 10 hammus of mine.
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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