Sunday, November 27


It's been long time no blogging, I feel lazy to post things here although I have some to post.

  1. My mom was hospitalized last Tuesday night and just went home this afternoon.
  2. This afternoon, I saw "monster" in the hospital parking area. Duh, it was like nightmare!!!
So far, that's all. I also didn't go to campus for three days, as a nice daughter, I was always beside my mom.

Oh ya. I have a story about THE JUNIOR CLASS.
So, last Thursday I continued the presentation. I asked them to present a theme they have chosen. The Theme were:
  • You are what you say
  • You are what you do
  • You are what you wear
  • You are what you eat
  • You are what you read
  • You are what you think
Then a student of mine named Syahri, he is not a boy with good confidence. So, he was like very shy to present, he said every single word slowly and softly. Everyone in the class gave him support to be more confident, gave him spirit not to be like that. He always said that he is a lazy boy although everyone in the class said that he is a very diligent boy. When others play, he studies in dorm. He said he is lazy just because he likes to sleep in my class. It's not fair enough.
I also motivated him. I love the class. It is like a family!

It's like a very contrary friendship story that Syahri's bestfriednd, Alex, he is a boy with good confidence. He always presents his work well. He can speak English well. That's why I asked Alex to help Syahri not to be that nervous when he is standing in front of the class.

I also like to see my students I don't know the names bravely offer themselves to present their assignments. So, I can get to know them better. I always appreciate every effort they make, I appreciate that they are confident to present their selves. I like to see that they respect themselves. So, people will appreciate them, too.

But I also got a little bit angry last Thursday with someone in the class because he could not respect his friend. He was so annoying. Everyone who presented the assignment, I gave others to ask questions. It's free how many questions they would ask. But, everytime I asked, "Any question?". He answered, "No, thank you,sit down please".

Hey, I think I rule the class. It was just not me who felt annoyed. That's why I gave them such an advice try to respect their friends. It was very long advice, but seriously when I gave the advice, I wasn't angry.

Ah, I think enough for tonight. Bonne nuit, mon amis!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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