Monday, November 7

Not to Blame

What to say? It's tiring day, yet disappointing.

I went to campus very late and skipped ESP class. Next week will be mid-term test, but I am like laze in the aggravating circumstance. People around me race about any mid-term test thingies. I don't think I have to do that.

Today I just met lecturer of CCU class. Due to my guilty for not attending the class for six meetings, or I can say that I didn't attend any single meeting of CCU class this semester. Great, ha?
I asked him whether I could join CCU class mid-term test or not. He said I couldn't join it. Why? Because I never attended his class. I have expected his answer, so I was not shock at that time.

I can't blame anything, but myself. I blame myself not to be able to manage my time well. I blame myself for being too lazy lately. I blame myself for underestimating some lectures. Seriously I do. I won't blame the lecturer, because in this case, everything is my fault. So, for the rest six meetings, I just need to say goodbye to CCU class. I will meet CCU class next year when I am in fifth semester. The lecturer didn't get angry with me. He can tolerate about my troubled-schedule, because he knows that I should not take the lecture in this semester. Thanks Mister :)

And today my class had earlier EP test which should be held next week. So, next week we'll be free for EP class. I only got 70, because that's the very first time I joined the class. The test system was the lecturer gave the material in 60 minutes and the next 30 minutes we were given question about the material. But I think, that's not an excuse not to get goog mark. Most of my friends got less than 50 just now. Even some of them got 10. Can you imagine?

Oh ya, remembering that next week will be mid-term test. I have to swear myself. I have to promise myself.

I swear I will study hard
I swear I will study harder
I swear I will get good score
I swear I will pass the record
I swear I can do that!!!

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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