Sunday, November 13

Stomach Disorder

Current three days I feel something is going wrong with my stomach. It is not stomachache. It is stomach disorder that I feel pain in my gastric. I have ever felt this pain before, but it didn't take long time. I wouldn't feel it anymore after I took medicine. But now, it has been three days. The first time I felt it was when I was teaching on Friday afternoon. It was just like belching, but I still could keep it. And now, I feel like want to vomit when I smell something. I don't feel good.

I don't eat regularly. I often forget my lunch, because I think I have eaten much snacks, so I don't need lunch anymore. Or, when I am too busy, I forget my dinner. When I remember it, it's too late to have dinner.

It is painful. Hoping it is not serious.
Oh ya, wish me luck for my tomorrow mid-term test! :)

Bonne nuit, Fellas!
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