Saturday, November 12

Wild Dream,

It is my wish. I really wish that someday I can move to another island, not stay any longer in Java.
It is my perspective. People are going greedier when they get more authorities.
It is my idealism. I can not stay in a place where I don't feel comfort anymore.
And it is my wildest dream that someday I can teach in hinterland.

I wish it is not only my teenage passion. I live in Java, the limelight island in Indonesia. In every sector, the government pay attention too much that I think it is just too much. Indonesia is not only about Java, maybe they forget about this thing.
*Sorry reader, in this post I'll be speaking up anything I need to comment in this silly country*

I say, I'm Indonesian. I'm proud to be Indonesian for everything it has, but the disgraceful law and corrupted officeholders. I can not deal with them. When they were young, have they ever think to be like they are now? I'm sure they didn't. Every youngster wants the best for themselves, people they love, and their country. So do I.

I have a very unacceptable wildest dream. While my other friends would answer 'being a civil servant' as their wildest dream, I prefer say something wilder than that. I think ‘being a civil servant’ is not wild enough, yet not challenging.

Everybody wants bright future with much money, luxury house, settled job, and other shitty things. But hey, don’t you ever realize that not everyone could have that perfect life.

Unfortunately, I always challenge myself with quiet impossible thing. I always tell my parents that I would go away from Java after graduating, teach in hinterland, or at least even if I couldn’t do that, I would teach in the village where people do need someone who can give them knowledge. It is so much better than teaching in the city where people like not need any knowledge anymore because they think they’ve known anything.

My parents said that it would not easy. I know, I know it very well. Even, teaching in the city also not easy. I just convince myself that when I have had unlimited or at least I have more patient than any other have, I really wish that I could fly to Kalimantan, Sulawesi, or even Papua to teach them, to educate them.

I’m Javanese, I live in Java since I was born.
But, you know what, sometime I hate it. I hate the way the government like treating Java as if Java is the only thing in Indonesia they should pay attention on. When I’m watching news about people out of Java, especially in border area of Indonesia and other countries like Malaysia, I am moved to go there someday. Not to declare war with our neighbor countries, but to give people there something I can give.

I’m not talking rubbish. It is my passion. If I have to be a teacher, I don’t wanna be like them (some teachers I know in my past). If I have to be a teacher, I don’t wanna be a civil servant teacher.

My question, how can people be that proud when they become a civil servant? Nah, now I’m talking sarcastically.  Seriously, I don’t know what’s on people’s mind when they are competing to be civil servant. What can you be proud of from being a civil servant? Monthly salary? Pension fund? The uniform?

Last night, I was discussing with Umi and I told any vision I have about teachers nowadays I find around me.
I said,
“Nana got much homework from her teacher. The teacher gave it this morning and must be submitted tomorrow. That’s what teachers do, now. They do not explain clear enough, but give like bunch of asshitments. They just care about their salary which is paid monthly in the same date and the same number. They do not care whether the students understand or not. Moreover for those who continue their study, their academic title just for bigger number of subsidy. That’s not fair. They do not care about the way they teach, although it is damn old-fashioned way. And, there is no evaluation for them. They should be evaluated routinely.”

So, the conclusion is I don’t wanna be like them.
Teaching in hinterland. I don’t care about the money, well, actually I care, but not much. I’m a type of person who is never afraid of having less money. It is not a big deal having even one dollar only in my purse.

Umi said that she'll let me away, but I have to finish my study and also I have to continue my study first in higher education level, Master or in Indonesia we call it S2. For sure, I said YES. I will. 

My parents, both Abah and Umi are like allow me in wrench way. They still hope that I can change my dream. I have a very simple dream actually, I just want everybody in Indonesia is able to experience the same lesson, they can experience what others feel.

I also want to have perfect future like others want. I still have wish to be a businesswoman, but for now this feeling to serve the society is more than any dreams I have ever had.

Months ago, I asked Abah that I want to teach kids in a slum area in my town. It is where many pedicab drivers and their family live. Of course, they are lacks of education, yet knowledge. I just want to start from something simple like that. but again he said that it is not easy. I have to have connections many people, because it is not impossible that I am not accepted there if I do not have any powerful back up.

Sometime I also think that maybe I could come to one orphanage to other orphanages to help them do their homework or just give additional lesson. I don’t know how to start. And also for now, I have tooooooooo full schedule. Maybe when I’m not this busy anymore, I can start to do something useful for the society. That's the only thing I can do for Indonesia as a young generation. I don't serve the government, I serve society without getting interfered by the government.

What is your wildest dream???

At last I say, I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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