Wednesday, December 28

Designer Wanna BE!

Hahaha, ya that's me. I'm a designer wanna be. Not really design anything. I just like to sketch. And after more than a year not sketching lively, I started to sketch again recently.

Well, let's see. I sketch autodidact, I don't join any course or school. It's just a hobby.

I made it today, I started sketching before I went to campus
for writing class this afternoon. And finished coloring
it this evening, about 8pm I think.

I made them about two weeks ago, I think. I forgot to put the date on it.

I like this. I love the combination of grey and blue. And it is also fashion-illustration-like.
I made it last week.

FAILED! Me, myself and I don't know what picture it is. That's all. Thank you.

My very first fashion illustration-like. Although, it is not like a fashion illustration.

I'll try hard to make better fashion illustration. I am always amazed to see professional fashion illustrators' masterpieces, it is like I'm drooling when star at them.

At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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