Saturday, December 31

Refleksi Akhir Tahun 2011

Not really sure what to write about. I write more to be like an obligation for me to write and summarize the whole year in a page only. I'm afraid that I can't write in the midnight that I forget or something, so, I write now.

This year New Year Eve, I go nowhere. Well, just travel around the virtual world from my bed. Last year, I celebrated it at home, made something special dinner with family. Two years ago, had barbecue with my sisters' gang. Three years ago, I also did the same.

Last year was like very stable year. And firstly, I also think the same about this year, unless many bad things happened. And now, the issues are most from family.

Last February, Umi was hospitalized. And also last November, she was also hospitalized.
Last September, I lost Mbah Aung.
December, 8th 2011, I lost my aunt. She passed too early, I think. Even until now, I still can not believe that she's gone already. We were very close, she lived next door. The closest aunt I have ever had. The best one.

And last week, last Sunday, something happened, but I can't tell anything here. It's family issue and very private. I just can say that this person doesn't have heart.

Get some lose some...
Mentally, I grow up, older and more mature. I don't think anything should be about myself anymore, slowly I decrease my extreme self-centered in myself. Except when I'm blogging, it is all about myself. Like it, stay. Hate it, go away.

Network, I was offered another job about two months ago to teach in a vocational school. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time. So, let it flies...

Friendship, so-so. Feel confuse, indeed. Instead of talking about it, I prefer talk about other things.

Love. Nah, can you find me one?

-New mobile phone.
Actually I want an LG GD 880 and tried to find it in my town but I got nothing. So finally I bought another one and the cheaper one. I bought Sony Ericsson Txt Pro. I'm a very loyal consumer of Sony Ericsson. It is my fourth mobile phone from Sony Ericsson. I used a J200i, a w550i, and still use a w395 for more than 2 years. No offense, but I'm really not into Nokia and Blackberry. I could buy one, but I don't want to. Fyi, I bought my new phone with own money. I just realize that I have been able to feed myself.

-Hair loss therapy.
I'm ashamed to admit this one. But my hair extremely makes me insane. That's why I cut my hair shorter and it is shorter again now. I cut my hair again on December, 4th. I have to wash my hair everyday and apply hair serum after that then vitamin and for some days hair mask. Oh God, it cost a lot. And again, I use my own money. And today I haven't wash my hair.

-Drawing pencils and sketching weapon.
I bought nine new pencils last week for sketching, they are H, 2H, 5H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 5B, 6B. And the shopkeeper asked me like she didn't believe that I bought them all in a row. I bought colour pencils from Faber-Castell and Kenko. I use any brand of color pencils, but my favorite one is Faber-Castell. My pencils are all from Faber-Castell. I just need to improve my skill. I just like it, I don't have any wish to be more than that.

I bought Converse Flat shoes, Triset Flat shoes, and Spotec Sport shoes. Still, with my very own money.

One new Bag only. One brand new and got and old one from Umi. That's ok.

Wait, I have counted all. And this year I bought five headsets. Since my original headset broke a long time ago this year, I bought one and one and one and one. Now, I use two headsets, earpiece one and non-earpiece one.

And many other things I bought with my very own money. And I realize that I have much money. Look, I'm not going to boast, but since my parents do not give me any pocket money anymore for about current five months, I learn how to manage money well, because I use my own money for my daily needs. My parents are not stingy. It is just, sometime I'm lazy to ask for money from them, because I can earn mine in sufficient number. But, sometime I also ask for money from them when I'm super needy.

I do not expect too much for next year, I just want my family be healthy and happy for anything. So, what are you doing tonight, fellas?

At last I say, Goodbye 2011 and say HI 2012!
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Soundtrack of the day,
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Wait, isn't it too early to post about this year reflection?
Maybe post another thing later.

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