Thursday, December 29

Report Assignment - Hamsters

Alright fine, you'll see my assignment.. I was asked to write Report text, impromptu. And I wrote about Hamsters. You know that I love hamsters like hell. It is super cute with its furry furry furry small body.

I should write Report text, but I'm not really sure I wrote report text in correct way.


Hamsters are mouse-like animals which are now well-known as pets. It is an omnivore that can eat anything. People may dislike mice and rat, but they can not resist the cuteness of hamsters that they should like them, because mice and hamsters are quite different.

Hamsters have very close family relation with mice. They are mouse-like animal with small-furry body and very short tail. Their fur are colorful, but it depends on the race they are originally from. They have short and furry legs. Their body are not more than 20cm. The smallest hamsters are from Roborovski race. Their body are not more than 10cm.

Hamsters originally live in underground to protect themselves from predators attack. They are active in the night to look for foods. They eat vegetables, seeds, even meats and insects. When they are adopted as pets, they are active in the night to play on their juggling wheel.

Hamsters are very sensitive animals. They will attack other hamsters when they do not know each other or just just meet for the first time in the cage. That's why, they always give such a sign to show their territory by smelling around their area.

Hamsters are also cannibals. When the female hamsters find that their baby are not born perfectly, they will eat them. They also will eat their baby when they do not have sufficient foods. Actually, they are friendly animals.


For sure, I don't know what I wrote about. It is just, I love hamsters and really love
to write things about them.
Ah ya, I have three hamsters only now, they are Mumble, Mocca, and Cookies.
I lost Milo, Butter, Yellow, Melon, Molen, Pasta, Pizza, Oreo, it is even I can't remember their name Tuzki Bunny Emoticon

Good afternoon, Fellas. Wish you have a nice day!
At last I say, A Velly Intewesting Blog.

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