Wednesday, December 14


Suddenly I lost my mood to write something in my blog. If I'm normal, maybe I just can cry seeing bad things happen around me. But the time I should cry, when crying is a must, I can't cry. Because tears will not help anything. Tears come out just by emotional feeling I feel in certain times.

Sometime, it's better not to know anything than when knowing something is like torturing me a lot. I will feel so much saver when I don't know anything, because there is nothing I should worry about, because there is nothing I should think of frequently.

Night is vicious. It's the end of the day. I could summarize and recall anything I said and I did in the whole day. Remember the bad sides and good ones before saying "Au revoir" to the day.

I do agree that things are not as beautiful as it was, it could be less or more beautiful, but it could be static, too.

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