Wednesday, January 4

Another Assignment

Colors in the Sky

Everything in the world has colors. Without colors, life would be very boring as well as when we know the basic colors which make other thousand colors are actually red, blue, and yellow only. Those three colors creates certain things on the sky that can amaze us, for example rainbow, clouds, and sky.

But, what makes the sky look blue? What makes the rainbow look colorful? Does the color really make it?

Colors doesn't really exist in the sky. The only exist color is black. But black is also the combination of blue, red and yellow with certain percentage of each color. The only thing takes important part in creating such wonderful creations on the sky is the sunlight. Everything on the sky is light manipulative effect.

The manipulative light is called Tyndall Effect. It is ray refraction. The outer space is dark and the only luminous source is the sun. The outer space is absolute vacuum, because it is extremely wide. It is wide and dark actually, but the light refraction creates amazing scene for the earth.

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